Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland

Associate Dean Aaron Klooster and Professors Tony Douglass and Kimberley Norman, representatives of Northern College of Applied Arts and Technology visited Northern Ireland in May 2017.  While the purpose of the trip was to visit our partner college, Southwest College in Omagh, Northern Ireland, we were fortunate to have the opportunity to see some spectacular geology! We visited Giant’s Causeway on the north shore of Northern Ireland. This is a World Heritage site that is a laterally voluminous collection of columnar basalts!  We also had the amazing fortune to visit on a sunny day without a cloud in the sky (which we were reminded many times is not the norm in Ireland!) The story that goes with the causeway is that of the giant Fionn McCool who was feuding with a giant across the ocean in Scotland.  As everyone knows, Giant’s don’t like to get their feet wet, so Fionn built the causeway to Scotland.